Ink Jet Printer

Ink Jet Printer

Model No.︰Inkjet 58

Brand Name︰SINBON

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


n         High efficient, high speed, automatic, high intelligent

n         Modular design, low-power circuitry

n         Highly integrated hardware, construction is reasonable, strong anti-interference.

n         Content can be modified during printing without stopping the production line.

n         Modify the software to meet different production needs

n         The ball with the viscosity of the world's advanced design control vicosity, automatic detection adjust.



n         Full color touch screen provided by Hitachi.

n         Electronic components purchasing the latest AMR world’s most advanced chips.

n        Power offered by the Aerospace Industry

n        Built-in pump selection of the imported original

n         All stainless steel chassis parts, meet IP55 standard of protection..



n         Automatically set a key channel and nozzle cleaning, fault

n         Automatically set a key channel and nozzle cleaning, fault diagnosis and maintenance of self.

n         All intelligent automatic control, a key switch machine

n         With fault detection and alarm function, no ink to remind display.

n         Both IME or Chinese Pinyin input is very convenient

n         Can store 40 printing messages at your service



n         With photocell, a sensitive function of n-jet printing.

n         Printing lines: 1-4lines

n         Counter meter: Can be printing at any units of meters

n         Printing speed : 6m/s (5*7)

n         Dot matrix printing

n         Character: 8*8 can be combintation in any form.

n         Editing Function: intraply hybrid, rotate, combination, variety of different fonts, space or bold etc. in 36 spot lattice.

n         Power Source: AC220V±20% 50HZ 75VA

n         Nozzle pipe 2.0m( It can be made according special specification

n         Dimensions: 370*270*520mm

n         Total weight: 29Kg